Amanda's Journal
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2002-01-13 08:47:00 (UTC)

Bad/Good Day

Today Justin came over and Candice ,Ray,Justin and I all
went to the mall.Candice and Ray were steaing a lot
today.Candice had stole stuff and gave me some.Plus I
bought this ring and this sun necklas.Then after they came
back from Gadzooks for the secound time with lodes of
shit.I said yall are gona get caught.When the manager made
us all go back to the store.She took all of our bags then
made us empty our pockets and all in front of everyone.They
told Justin and I we could go but security took them away
and I rember the look on Candice's face.She said I dont
wana be here right now.Justin called Erin to see if her dad
could help.Anyways my mom and dad were at the mall looking
at rings so I called them and I told them what was going
on.We all walked to the security thing and they called the
employs from each store they stole from .Then Ray's dad
came up there and so did Candice's brother.They were all
pissed so Justin and I went outside and he wiped away my
tears.Then get this he called Erin and asked her if she
wanted to go over to his house.So this must mesn they are
still dating.I was pissed at him the whole way to his house
so I pretty much ignored him and gave him the cold
sholder.He told me I could call him and I said no.Then on
the internet I told him how it hurt my feelings and he said
he still loved me and I asked him what about Erin and he
said he couldnt just leave her.Then I said I needed to go
somewhere and he offered for me to go to his house and I
asked if Erin was going over there .He had told her not to
come over .I offered for him to come over and he could just
stay the night so no one would have to drive lte at night
but his mom said no that itwas to lat.Then I talked to him
on the phone and he was so sweet .I told him I wanted a
relationship with him and he said the same .He is suppose
to come over tommorow aftenoon.I myself am going to stand
beside myself and stay up.My sholders are sore from
sleeping on the floor at Britney's houselast night
Stuart,Britney,Tim and I went to see Orange County it was a
good movie.Of course I sat there and chunked candy at
everyone.Which I myself found ammusing.Then I was suprised
to see my cousin and his friend there. Oh by the way I am
not allowed to hang out with Ray nor Candice for a while.So
I have a plan to act depressed which I am now anyways so
they will tell me to go see my friends.I am happy in ways
for the reason that Justin and I might get together again
and I have sided to Justin rather than James for the reason
of I need someone who I can talk to and James is only
worries about skatng and never says anything.Justin I find
has a lot in common with me and this is a good thing to
find a companion whom you can share things with and you are
both earger to see each other.I just hope he does come over
tommorow becuase I despretly need to see him .

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