Reality Bites
2002-01-13 08:04:27 (UTC)

12 hours of the Real World

After last nights very very scetchy goings on, I decided to
take today to just chill and do virtually nothing. So I got
up at around 11, ate a very little and then got back into
bed and turned on MTV. Just my luck my favorite season of
the Real World was playing back to back to back
episodes...Score in a half dude, I was pumped. So I watched
those without interuption for like 2 hrs-letting my machine
get all my calls, but then when Alyss called, I picked up
cause she sounded upset. She was. Big surprise and even
more of a surprise what it was about--Gimme a T! gimme an
I! Gimme an M! what does that spell? Controlling asshole. I
love Tim, but he is just that a lot of the time when it
comes to her, and she has a weakness when it comes to him.
And to think I used to be jelous of how "cute" they
were...shit dude, life's funny sometimes! After talking to
her I went and babysat. Woop wooP!

So I'd like to tell everyone why I think that the Real
World Hawaii is the best season of the Real World to date.
Ok well, lets start off with location:sun, sand, beach,
water, its the best place in the whole world and I go as
often as I can so that right there rocks. Next we'll look
at the male roomate aspect of the cast. Teck is just a
hottie, he's like a total player and everyone knows it, but
still you cant help but want to hook it, and Matt's
a whiner but he's attractive, and Colin, well damn, he's
just fine as can be, he's gotta be my favorite!! Ok girls:
Ruthie's and Kaia always make for some good drama, and
Amaya is just my favorite girl. She reminds me EXACTLY of
me and I relate to her like so well. My friends have told
me so many times how much I'm like her--and good or bad,
it's good to know that other people feel like that
sometimes! Anyways, this season is the best and that's that!

Alright--I'm gonna go to bed cause Lori's comin tomarrow to
help me w/ French at like 10--XOXOXOX~ME~

PSKeggerdan's diary is AWESOME!!! It's prolly the funniest
thing I've seen in a very long time!