*Sarahz tricked out diary*~
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2002-01-13 07:38:22 (UTC)

Sickness sux

I am a sickie today. It sux. I hate bein sick more
than anything. All you do is lay there like a bump on a
pickle. Well, not me...
I had to get up and go work on a stupid school project
this morning, then i went and watched Lord of the Rings.
It was perdy tight. I thought it was going to be a lot
more stupid than it was.
When I went to after the bell to work on my project,
Angela was there and she didn't say a word to me cuz she
was pissed off at me. I wrote her this email last night
telling her that I was mad cuz of all this Tony sh*t (Her
ex b/f that cheated on her) and asked her how it felt to
get played. so yeah.. Needless to say, I don't think she
really liked that all that much. I am glad that muh b/f
isn't like that. He is a sweetie... But I do know how it
feelz to get played cuz the last dude played me and
yeah... thats gone now. I was goin out wit him for like 6
months, an then he got into all kindz a stuff... He is an
azz now tho. He tole my brother that he was gunna kick my
b/f'z azz, then my broz, then he was going to screw me...
I THINK NOT! Well, yeah... Enuf boring stuff for tha day.
Will chat lataz! Imma bustin out!!!

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