Skuz9c1's Thoughts
2002-01-13 07:27:17 (UTC)

Crazy Crackers With Guns

What Is Up My Sisters, nothing here, hanging out, doing
nothing, aaaaaahhhh, i rather be at werk sleeping than
being up all night watching the Real World Marathon. Good
news on the war on not having a caprice, i found this on for sale:
1989 Caprice 9c1, Grey, 350 TBI Motor
99,000 miles, Ex-Detectives car for Wyoming Police Dept.
Rubber Floor, No Holes (Spotlight/Antennas), Vinyl Rear,
Cloth Front Seats, Good tires, with 94 9c1 Center Caps.
Problem is its got some rust on the quarters and at least
the left fender, but im gonna take a good look at her and
get her on the highway, see how fast we can get her going.
Asking $1800, but im gonna offer $1450

Thats about the gist of it, watching tv and d/leding a few
CDs - Sevendust and Tool, peace til later

Current Song: AC/DC - Thunderstruck

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