me, myself and i
2002-01-13 07:24:35 (UTC)

tonight sucked

An interesting night of doing nothing. Wow, life sucks
sometimes. Well I didn’t do much today, I kinda just sat
at home bored out of my mind. Mary came over for a while
and we watched crazy/beautiful. It was a good movie. And I
made some cookies. And then I just sat at home… thinking a
lot. Thinking TOO much. I always seem to do that tho.
Owell. I finally got my label maker to work. I found the cd
with the right software on it. And I made some labels for
some cd’s I had. After a while all the burned ones look
alike… and its just looks so boring in the collection
surprisingly enough my printer worked too. Well… I’m not in
a really good mood right now… so I’m out.