Dreamscape 2: Waking
2002-01-13 06:45:09 (UTC)

First Day of School Jitters

My roommate will be back tommorrow, classes will start on
Monday, And I'm doing the same old internet routine.

Fortunatley I get to keep playing the part of Kassandra. I
predicted in Septmeber or October that the Bondage Sexual
Fetish will become mainstream within two years of that
point. I saw Brandi's new music video, things are right on
track. Dr. Elliss is trying to be a God with primes, I
dropped the US highway insigh on him, I think I'll wait a
few weeks before I give him another tasty mental morsal, as
long as his appetite prevails.

Kari has an apartment, she wouldn;t have taken it if i were
with her when she took it, I'm not sure how I feel about
that yet. But yeah, I hat the place, but she'll apparently
be pretty happy with it. Its out of walking distance too
so that'll be good.

"Being Mona Lisa" I think was the title of the movie I
watched tonight, it is good stuff. I appreciate how
the "hot guy" who is "so sweet" turns out to just be a
player with some moves. He was dating best friends with
different names and identities at the same time, then all
three were in the same room and it blew up, and the best
thing is that it didn;t need to take a whole movie to do
it. It was merely a sideplot like that standardish plot
always should be.

Chong is back from overseas! He's not a gamer anymore :(
But he's still nice to be around :)

Tim and Chong treated me to lunch today, but I had to
drive, no such thing as a free lunch.

I just failed an attempt to discover an anonymous IM buddy
for Molly, sounds like somebody is trying to tool with her,
I am not happy about that.

I have too much organisation to get to before school...

Well time to hunt down the anon...
Good Bye document, mayhaps Iwill remember to greet you next
we meet.

Quiet Kwit