The Xdruggie Files
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2002-01-13 06:44:08 (UTC)

and then there's that...

got up early this morning to go to an SLAA meeting, but no
one was there. went by and got Bubba to fix my windshield.
chilled with some scooby-doo today...and some gay porn :)

went to see my sponsor at five. we read chapter three from
the big book, and then went to see a movie (the royal
tenenbaums-interesting, dark, but not for everyone). parts
of it hit too close to home. after talking to Bubba and
Lulu, i remembered that i really don't give a sh*t about
what people think about me...so if IOP thinks i have
relapsed and i know that i haven't then there is nothing i
can do about it. it would be stupid to use over something
so minute..but the big book says that we look for something
trivial to use over. also decided to stop worrying about
sex and love and relationships. when my HP is ready (s)he
will send some one (it better be a guy). Going to do my
med. Rick has discovered voice activation on his imac...i
hope he isn't gonna talk to it all night.

i wonder if it counts as self mutilation that i want to go
get another tat and piercing?

got some versace briefs off of e-bay. i have to watch
that...i am becoming obessive over online auctions :).