~*~Scrolls of Insanity~*~
2002-01-13 06:31:30 (UTC)

To sum up my insanity...

*yawns*'s been a I'll brief things up!

Here's the skinny...

I've been going mad looking for an audition! I have this
feeling in my gut and I know my big break is coming soon. I
feel the winds of change! ^_^

I've started writing again. Still the same book, I'm just
adding more. I'm having a wee bit of trouble figuring out
where to take the story...but I'm sure a brilliant idea
will hit me soon.

I've started looking at cars. Obviously hinting to my
parents that I want one! I want a BMW. I forgot the model
name though. And..ok..I don't even have my permit yet...BUT

Since It's the new year...I'm trying to change. As I said
before...I feel the winds of change. Love life ain't going
to well, but has it ever? lol. My desperate attempts to
become famous are leaving me very unconcerned about
everything else; and the fact that I havn't had coffee in a
while isn't helping either. I'm not supposed to drink
coffee though! ~_^

It the new semester and I'm already getting comfy in my new
classes. I know English 1 Honors will be hard, but all my
other classes are easy.

I better go now. Bye!