Don Juan

2002-01-13 06:30:59 (UTC)

pissy mood

i think i remember now why i was on the meds... they
helped!!! would i be this angry with everything and
everyone if i were still on them, or is it just the wreck?
i don't know, but truth be told... i don't really care. i
don't need anybody to love me, i don't need anyone to
love. hell, right now... i don't even want anyone to even
like me. fuck them! i've come to the point again where i
just don't care. i put my chocalate moca flavored
ciggerate out on my arm a few minutes ago, does that count
as being nuts? i wish i knew. then i could live happily
ever after as a lunitic.

i just went rabid on the girl i used to think i loved... i
probably did, but fuck it! fuck the hurt i felt!! fuck
her!!! fuck everthing we ever had!!!! i don't fucking
care anymore!!!!!

i slept all day today... until 5:30 or so, so i doubt i'll
go to sleep for a while. i might not care about going
crazy so much if it weren't for this damn twiching. i
can't help it! every few minutes i have a 'twitching
session' with myself. i can't stop it... my whole body
does it. not just my hands or head anymore... but i can
barely sit in my seat it now seems.