Aspergers Diary
2001-04-14 15:09:52 (UTC)

My Diagnosis

Last year I went to a special school, I went ther because if I was on
a normal school they would always pester me. At this school usual
things as how and when where being questioned. This time with result,
they thought I might have Aspergers Syndrom. I was tested and the
diagnosis came. It was 100% sure I had Aspergers Syndrom.
gebruikelijke hoe

The Aspergers Syndrom is an Autistic related syndrom, which has no
chance of healing or going away at any way. It is kind of difficult
in some situations. But it's a syndrom which go's on You Have It Or
Not. For I know it for more then a year by now, I do a lot with the
subject. I have my own club about it and I read about it a lot.

I sometimes ask myself 'How would someone normal experience looking
to the world through an Aspergers eyes?' Strange? Odd? Maybe they'd
thing I react strange in situations. The fact is I need to write or
tell about the things that happen to me and how I see them. With a
very different view than normal people. I think this Diary to be the
best way to express my feelings that way.