Is the Supercross season not here yet?
2002-01-13 05:22:10 (UTC)

Rice Eccles Stadium

I've finally come to the conclusion that I'm an extremely
unique person. I was eating sushi today while pondering
all my friends. We are all so completely different yet for
the most part we get along great. Lunch is never dull.
(Course is will be now that I'm sitting basically alone,
grrrr). I love being unique, but hell its kinda lonely
everyone once and awhile. The only person I ever really
connected with lives 2,698 miles away, and is ever rapidly
leaving me behind. All my friends, listen to me while I
babble on and on about my motocross, but they don't really
know what I'm talking about, so its not quite the same.
And when I say, "My best friends lover, killed millions one
of which was his brother, who was my lover," they look at
me like I'm crazy then we go back to talking abt World
religions or something. So, Jeez... I could use a soul
mate right about now! Heh, like that'll ever happen...
Anyways, I randomly ran into my PE locker buddy, at
church. I figured since her dad was 'against all organized
religion' that she didn't go to church... Hummm, one of
life's many mysteries... People always assume when I
say 'I ride my Yamaha,' that I competitively ride
motocross. Heh, I probably should just take that out of my
profile. But hey, I do ride it, on jeep trails and to the
BX. But that doesn't quite cut it. Huh, oh well... The
Winter X Games are next week about a 250 miles drive from
here. But, I get to wait till February 1 to actually see
them. *sighs* ow much I miss out on :I Let's see what
else happened today... I got a cold. This really crappy
cough, and a stopped up nose. *growls and chokes on her
flim* Its very unpleasant... I did get my first hour of
night driving, only 9 more of those to go. Plus, my 15
more of just regular of just driving. *whines about having
to have 50 hours of driving time to get your license*.
Tako (pronounced like taco), is Japanese for octopus. Which
means we have a restaurant here name Octopus Octopus. They
do have good food so, I can deal with their name.
Forgotten Man, is like the worst book, its good till the
author kills off the main character, makes his wife a
prostitute, and he daughter dies of a heroine overdose.
Great ending, jeez. I guess that's life tho. Well, I'm
thru babbling for tonight.
Good night sick sad world.