Procrastination is Key
2002-01-13 05:08:49 (UTC)

catching up

Kat is WAY ahead of me already this year! wow- A LOT has
happened this week and the final result is that I have a new
boyfriend:-p Michael is a really sweet guy and I can't wait
to hang out with him again on Monday. My parents seem to be
pretty cool about it, which is nice and shouldn't be a big
deal anyway since I am 20 years old- but my parents aren't
quite as cool as they could be- but they are getting
This semester is going to be interesting- I have an obscene
amount of science to deal with! unfortunately I have not
been able to start off as quickly as I would have liked. I
seem to fall asleep every time I try to read for HW, or even
think about reading! Not to mention this week I was out a
lot more than I am used to, going to the movies monday night
, going to a bball game in raleigh wed night and watching
the women lose in the dean dome on thur:-/ I will really
have to make sure not to get behind since chemistry lab is
going to starting this week- I loathe labs! But there is one
pretty cool thing about my chem 41 class, since it is only a
2 hour class we don't have to meet as many times as other
classes. I think we have like 14 days off- that is way
cool, but I am sure if we get behind or something he might
change that, but at this point I am very excited:-p
Ok- I only have like 40 pages left of my "fun book" so I'll
do that b/f I go to bed!