daydream disbeliever

Mad Ramblings From a Blithering Idiot
2002-01-13 05:04:33 (UTC)


Why is it that when I have something halfway
interesting to write about, I fail to do so? It's been so
long since I've visited this pititful wasteland of my
thoughts, and since I see that the MM is online (Lord grant
me the strength to take his name from my "buddy list") I
will put some of my musings into written words.

A small list of doings in the last three
weeks/month/however long it's been:

1.) Xmas was ok. It was a happy one for once without
Dad. However it was extremely weird because I am just not
used to peacefully merry Christmases. He stopped by for
about five minutes and gave us our presents.

2.) New Year's was great. N, SV, and I went to CA's
party. It was small but lots of fun, although of course it
had its weird points, what with N and SC...the makeout and
the cycle of people coming to watch incredulously whilst AJ
and I try to hve a normal conversation. I was able (I
think) to converse intelligently. However, I hadn't
imbibed that much since the joyride w/Amy when I was only
fourteen. Oh, well, I had fun. N and I crashed at SV's.
I froze, but I didn't get sick.

3.) Two days later was L's 22nd birthday. After work
A and I went to her house. I packed an outfit because I
intended to stay the night. A got extremely tipsy but
managed to drive home safely. I, on the other hand, didn't
drink much and remained pleasant. For the second time in a
week, however, I had to sleep on a hard, freezing floor.
Ah, well.

4.) Saturday morning, I discover that some asshole
broke into my car and stole my stereo. However, my taste
in music is so different that they took my cd out of the cd
player and left it on the seat! They broke my passenger
door and I need to save up (again) to have my car fixed.
The drugged out imbecile also stole the outfit in my trunk
and the birthday present I had for my younger cousin. They
left my art history book, though. After vowing that 2002
would be better than the shithole that was the previous
year, this HAD to go and happen. I suppose I liked it too
much. Also, in retrospect, I had to pay the piper for
having such a happy new year's eve. But damnit damnit
damnit just the same.

More to come later. I don't feel like typing with
this shitty keyboard any more. Until next time I remain
pissed at the world and