The Nine Faces of Dave
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2002-01-13 05:01:26 (UTC)

not enough time on my hands

Ok, so I already wrote about how hectic things were in my
last post. Well, too bad. There's more to be said, and
now's the time to say it.

As mentioned before, this week was insane. My schedule was
basically chock full of stuff. I didn't get nearly enough
time to practice my guitar, and of course I didn't get
nearly enough sleep.

Right now, I've got school, QuizBowl, and my computer
science class. Swing choir and the school musical may be
added to that, depending on how my auditions are received.
My last audition for swing choir received the same results
as the first: they like my singing, but not my dancing.
One of my friends in swing choir says all the guys in their
dance poorly as it is. So I'm thinking maybe they just
said that because they couldn't take off as many points for
grooming as they wanted to.

The point is, if I start doing all this stuff, I will
essentially have no free time to sit on my ass and listen
to Tom Petty, like I am right now. And to think I was
going to get a job, too...

But now for some bitching about swing choir, specifically,
grooming as a scoring category for auditions. The trouble
is, grooming is an incredibly subjective idea. In general,
I would score rather low on grooming by virtue of my hair.
Why, though, is short hair for men necessarily better
grooming? As I see it, the important thing should be how
well an individual cares for his or her hair, not the
length of it.

I know, there's the whole drug culture association, and I
can halfway understand that. But it doesn't seem fair for
guys who take good care of their hair to lose out to guys
who treat their hair like crap just because of a length
difference. This was covered partially in a previous post,
but it merits further consideration.

Occasionally, longhairs win. Let's look at some successful
long-haired men throughout history:

- John Romero (game designer)
- John Carmack (game programmer at id Software)
- Benjamin Harrison (former president)
- Benjamin Franklin
- Jesus

All I'm saying is, give hair a chance. These guys had (or
have) long hair, and were all pretty successful. Most
importantly, nobody fucks with the Jesus.