The Gypsy's Child

Myth and Legend
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2002-01-13 04:46:23 (UTC)

I am Timeless

I am timeless. My story is one of the past and present.
It has been told again and again though different mouths of
different individuals. Although it comes in different
versions, the theme remains the same.
For I am in love. However, the one that I love is the one
that I am forbidden to see. I am a prisoner in my father's
house. I have everything I could ever wish for and
everything that I could ever need, yet I remain unhappy.
For the one thing I desire and need so desperately, I am
deprived of. Therefore, I have no choice but to carry on a
secret affair with the man I love behind my father's back.
I live a life of lies and deceit, but I hate myself for
it. I hate lying to everyone, but if it will ensure our
survival, I will continue to do it.
I am an outcast. I am eccentric and different, so I am not
one generally accepted into popular society. I trust few
and have a few close friends. I am an admirer of art and
beauty. I, myself, am an artist of sorts: a painter and a
I am a free spirit. I am a child of the night. I come and
go as I please. I am ever-changing and ever-growing. I am
the voice whispering in the night. I am the myth and the
legend. I am timeless.