Michael Through Time

The Mad Scientist's Notebook
2002-01-13 03:50:53 (UTC)


Well I have some good news and bad news. The good news is
that I have found a self publisher. That of course is
Trafford. Trafford is a Canadian based publishing company
that publishes books on an on-demand basis. Thus it is a
cheap and effective way to get published. So far everything
checks out here.
The bad news is that I need to work hard and make some
money too. It is going to be somewhat costly up front.
This means that the book will be delayed for a short
while. Not too long. A summer or fall release actually
looks very promising. Stay tuned. Things change.
This week I'm hoping to book myself for some poetry
readings in the year. I have one date so far. I just have
to work on some things and I'll be set.
I'm really happy with all of the poems I have in there so
far. They are all simply awesome and I couldn't ask for
better material to work with. Some of the cosmetic stuff
will now commence being done. That includes pictures and
artwork. Hopefully things will work out there.
I hope everyone had a good holiday and I hope you have a
beautiful day. Also a quick Happy Birthday to my sister.
May she grow in wisdom and in maturity. That's all for
Oh, check me out at kmaxmedia.webhop.net. I'm actually
doing some journalism for a friend here who has done a
great job with media coverage with his own witty way.
Check it out.
The Mad Scientist