darker persuasion of the rainbow
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2002-01-13 03:22:25 (UTC)

dear everyone i've in contact with over the last few days....

what the fuck did i do to you? i've not provoked ANYONE,
yet you insist on going out of your way to make my life a
fucking living hell. i easily could've lived my life
without hearing any more shit from you, but NO. you have to
go out of your way to insure that you've done a thorough
job of pissing me off. and what's more, you then yell at me
for being pissed off. well, excuse me for not being fucking
THRILLED that i have to put up with your shit.

i wonder: what would you feel like if i broke down and
couldn't take any more, and left? would you feel guilty? of
course not. sad? maybe. but only because i wouldn't be there to take
your twisted, sadistic sense of humor out on. but mostly what you'd
feel is RELIEF. one less asshole to avoid and/or antagonize. one less
cuntfucker to deal with.

god, i'm sick of everyone. i wish everyone would go away.
so, to everyone i've come in contact with over the last few