Visions Of Life
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2002-01-13 03:01:42 (UTC)

What The Hell Is Wrong With Me

why the hell am I depressed? every other time i have been
depressed, i have had a reason, as stupid as some of those
may have been. Right now i cant think of a reason why i
should be depressed and yet, here i am, barely able to get
out of bed.. my dreams haunt me as well as reality..
something is seriously wrong with me and i dont know what..
i am sick of this.. i am sick of crying myself to
sleep..sick of feeling so god damn tired... sick of
hurting.. just sick of life.. Maybe one day my newest prayer
will be answered or at least i will get the courage to do
what needs to be done.. until then i shall remain asleep.. i
mean, whats the point of waking up if you are going to wake
up alone...