Confessions from a Sexy Princess
2002-01-13 02:54:30 (UTC)

He may as well have punched me......

Its been awhile since i have updated this but at the end of
sept I moved in with Greg, the father of my baby. Things
were going great. We were happy, he seemed like he was
looking forward to the birth of the baby . He was even
going to doctors appointments with me. Today I came home
and he wasnt home. I called him on his cell phone and he I
could tell by the way he was talking that something was
wrong. I couldnt imagine what. He came in about 45 min
later and he was mad. He found out about someone I started
dated last summer and said he is not sure the baby is his.
I offered him all the paternity tests he wanted and he said
if it comes out to be his that I should be ready for a
custody fight because he doesnt want me raising his child,
because I have no morals. He called me a bitch, and a
whore. that was at 2:30pm

it is now 10pm and I am still crying. my eyes are so
swollen I cant see and they are bloodshot. I dont give a
shit about the fact that he wants a test, thats fine
because I know its his for a fact. He was the only guy I
have ever had sex with without protection, but I am upset
because of what he said. He may as well have hit me in my
face because it hurt. Dont let anybody say that words dont
hurt because what he said hurt so much I cant describe it.
The look on his face when he said it. I saw so much hatred
in his face. That was not Greg and it was not the Greg
that I fell in love with. And why would he want to take my
baby from me, ? to get even? or because he knows it would
hurt me more. If we were to break up, I dont want money, I
just want to be with my child. and be able to raise my
child. After this incident he left with Ed to go skiing.
He called about an hour later and apologized for what he
said but said we still need to talk. And I am still crying
like it just happened five minutes ago...I honestly wish he
would just have hit me across the face instead because at
least the physical pain would have gone away. The words
will stick with me for the rest of my life.