Joronas Temnra

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2002-01-13 02:43:26 (UTC)


I write this without knowing how or why. Without purpose,
without feeling. The world is dark around me, and love is
darker still. Blessed Darkness. Beautiful darkness. Life is
better now than during the day. Better than when the light
burns the eyes and torments the spirit.

I can feel it warming me, healing me. Helping me gain
strength. Helping me survive. In the darkness there is
eternity. It is only when light pierces it that there is a
loss of that. It is only light which brings an end to

I pray that the darkness does not fall victim to the light.
I pray with all my heart that it remains true. Remains
strong and clean and healing.

I pray that I stay welcome within it, within the embrace of
the Dark Goddess. Within the embrace of love.

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