2002-01-13 02:39:33 (UTC)

Interview With Fallen Angels(January 3, 2002)

First ever interview with J Magz!
JM: Hello girls.
FA: Hey! Hello. Hi. Hi. 'Ello.
JM: You're first single is topping the charts how do you
guys feel?
Alex: We are all very excited that our single is doing so
Vicki:*jumps in*Yeah, when we first heard the song we all
went crazy.
JM: I heard that you girls play intruments and write your
own songs is that true and will we get to hear more in the
Lily:Some of the songs on the album will have us playing
instrument, Vicki and I are working on a song right now
called "He's My Guy Now".
JM:When will we be able to get the album?
Sarai:Well we're all hoping it will come out in mid
February or early March.
JM: Who would you say had the most influence in your life?
Lily:My older brother James he's our manager.
Mely:My mom who always told me to reach for my dreams. Thanks mom!
Sarai:This is for Vicki who told me I can do this. Thanks girl.
Vicki:No prob Sar, but I would have to say my grandmother had the
most influence on my life. Granny I love you and I miss you.
Alex:*laughin* Aj McLean!
Lily:*jumps in laughing* She's only saying that cus she gets to sing
wtih him in the video.
Alex:You got it!
JM:Well I would like to thank you girls for taking time out from your
hectic schedule to talk to us.
Alex:We had a blast. And we wanna thank our fans. We know who you are
and you guys rox!