Visions Of Life
2002-01-13 02:18:48 (UTC)

Ramblings Of A Delerious Girl...

Now.. I am not really delerious but I feel that way.. lol
May have a fever.. I dont know. guess its off to bed early
tonight... *laughs* Sleep is now my life.. tragic..

Okay.. this next thought came to me perhaps in a dream.. i
dont know tho.. I dont think alot of people qho may read
this have been to Disneyland Paris, but I have and it kicks
ass.. I have a weakness for upside down rides.. lol. When i
was there we went on "Its A Small World" and so of
course I had to see how us "Americans" were depicted
as little animatronic children. Of course we were portrayed
as cowboys and indians.. how cute.. note the sarcasm.. Here
is how i think "Americans" should be portrayed..

Im appologize in advance to the Disney Coorperation and of
course, to anyone I might offend..

Picture this.. the sound of singing children in the
background as your boat goes around another bend.. You have
just left the underwater mermaids and head into a different
room.. Its A World Of Laughter.. A World of Fear.. Yeah..
You see those same cowboys and indians but the cowboy has a
rifle to one of the indians while other cowboys bully around
pre adolescent indian girls..

Its A World Of Hope And A World Of Tears..

You continue on..

You see massive amounts of forests being torn down.. Animals
scurrying for shelter but being run over by huge machines of

You see Americans of other colors being harassed and beaten
and tortured. You think.."Is this Pre-Martin Luther
King?"... But no.. It is America today..

Cooperate America.. Filthy Rich White Men sitting atop huge
towers, getting rich off the labor of others.. Spinning a
wheel full of employees names, deciding who to lay off.. Oh
look, lets fire Maria.. She is from another country.. She is
a woman.. She has no husband and 4 kids.. But I dont like

Trembling children in the street
Homeless mothers and fathers.. Searching for a job..
American Flags Pasted Everywhere..
Even on Maria's run down pinto.. Because people come to
America for a better life.. You should wave that flag with
pride.. I mean, look at what a great country we have..

Military men.. marchin around like they are god reborn..

Do I need to go on? This is how we should be depicted.. For
this is what our country has come to..

As you look in horror upon that little room, the happy
sounds of children once again fill the air and you find your
little boat in Mexico.. Pinatas, Dancing Children..