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2002-01-13 01:54:24 (UTC)

Fallen Angels

Hey! Have you heard about the new singing sensation Fallen
Angels? Well if you haven't then your missing out. The
group consists of Victoria At-Water(19), Alexandria Decorpe
(18),Sarai Franke(18),Melyssa Johnson(17) and Lilith
Singleton(17). The girls are from various parts of New York
City.The group sings pop but you can't call them you
typical "girl group ".Already there first single "When I See
You" is number one on the pop charts.Right now the girls
are still attending high school at Murry Bergtraum in Lower
Manhattan.Vicki and Alex are both cheerleaders for the MBHS girl's
basketball team Blazers.Melyssa aka Mely and Lilith aka Lily are on
the school local radio"100.3 KYT". Sarai would be the "brain" of the
group always having her nose in a book. Currently the girls are
working on their album which is said to be out early next year. Their
video for "When I See You " will be out next month. When asked Alex
told us that they are looking forward to doing their first video and
it will feature a cameo with Backstreet Boy Aj McLean.They are not
only talented singers but they also play instruments, write their own
music and their manager is Lily's older brother James(21).Fallen
Angels has just been signed to Angel Face Records. So keep a look out
for Fallen Angels whos going to be a major hit!

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