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2001-04-14 13:05:29 (UTC)

Oh the joys and sorrows of success...


Today was one of those days that should have faded in to the
year as if average were some kind of background that
everyone wants to leave behind once they've seen their first
Action/Adventure movie. But it wasn't, I awoke and did the
usual, 'the usual' being shorthand for the routine that can
never be broken for to do that would to go around all day in
your pj's with un-brushed teeth and pang in your stomach
because you've missed breakfast.

**Can't keep up? Poor you**

Then I checked my e-mail, someone had reviewed my work (very
coincedental since I told you how addictive these things
were yesterday) I couldn't actually tell if he was flaming
me or not, so I went around for most of the day with low
self asteem, thinking that my writing skills were terrible.
Then I went to a different site (I post my stuff on two
sites) I was scrolling down the page when i saw it.

Poem of the day by sims!

**I use the same username on most sites, boring huh?**

Nobody wake me from this state of euphoria. Please.

Saying that I'll never be able to do the same again. How
very sad to feel like you've done the best you can and the
ony way is down, I don't think I'm old enough to be this
philosphical, oh well.

**It's like 10,000 spoons, and all you need is a knife**


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