2002-01-13 00:54:06 (UTC)

Golden boy

I got another letter from my sweetie today...

-I need to be free of this prison, even if it is
only a few days. I want to touch you, to kiss you on your
neck so softly. I want to make you feel better than you
have ever felt.......... Jesus I need to get a hold of
myself, you do that to me all the time- I'll start thinking
about you, that thought will spiral into more thoughts,
more, more, more next thing I know six hours went by and my
watch is over. I want to tell you all kinds of interesting
things, but all I keep thinking is I want to be home with
you. I can only tell you that so many times before it
gets old so I'll wait tell tonight or tomorrow to tell you.
BIG XO, XXX!!!!!!!!!!!-

Ah, love.

I dreamt about Golden Boy last night...he was my
infatuation throughout highschool and beyond when I lived
at home. Anyway, I was Debbie Harry for some reason (from
Blondie) and we were in a store, I was picking out presents
for him. That boy...All I can say is he is one sexy
motherfucker. He was a slut though. I wouldn't lose my
virginity to him when he begged me. I always thought
though, that after I was with someone else, if I ever saw
him again, we'd have sex. Cause he was just so gorgeous.
The way he talked, moved, looked, everything...mmm.

But he would never, ever, make me as happy as Josh does. No
one I've ever known could do that. What we have is so
special. I'm not going to write him until tomorrow though,
give him a taste of his own medicine. Yeah I know he was
probably so busy, but still. It will be really good when I
do, it will make him smile.

School starts the day after tomorrow...ack...and I have to
mow the lawn today...

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