LeaMarie Roquet

Priestess Of Fire
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2002-01-13 00:31:18 (UTC)

Not far! continued

I hate it when they do stuff like that. Mom and Dad were
planning the days that they CANNOT go to Vages. They were
talking about going in March, during spring break. She
asked weather or not I want them gone during school or
while school's out. I told her that I honestly don't care.
I've got it figured, worst comes to worst, and I'll be
spending some quilty time with my older brother, and his
kids or my imuto. Either way I really could care less. I
mean either way I don't get to go, and I'll be the one
putting up with the old bat. *sigh* Life really sucks
sometimes. Es la vida y no es gusto. No muy importe de mi.
Yeah, right.

It's nice how, just sitting here typing out stuff and
listening to music and reading fanfics can calm me down. I
don't think even yoga could do that for me. I'm going to
have to clean out both my bedroom and the office. They both
look like they've gone through a war. The bedroom looks
like it's been raided and the office looks like a demented
elf trashed it. There's Christmas junk laying around every
where, plus there's a ton of papers. I need to get them
cleaned out. My room is collecting to much bad vibes and
keeping them, with all that dust and stuff in it: and the
office needs to be cleaned out so I can practice my dance
moves in it w/o killing myself. ^_^:

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