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2002-01-13 00:26:41 (UTC)


So far I had a 10 calorie cream saver... YAY for me! and
I'm going strong. I swear these diet pills really really
work. I'm not hungry! I hope my parents don't make me eat
later but I don't think they will. I'm trying to find
something to do so that I won't be here but so far no one
is doing anything or they are already out. I went to the
mall today. First I went with Jenn cause she needed to
find Dani a present and I had to look for one for George
but I didn't get a chance to finish getting George his
gift so I had to go again later with Michele! Anyway I
ended up getting him scooby doo boxers, a scooby stuffed
animal and a cute scooby bag and I got him a card that has
a bunch of sperm on the front and an egg and it
says "You're a friend who is like penetrating sperm" and
then you open is and it says "You're one in a million!"
Lol I hope he likes it cause it took me forever to find
this present! I'm just glad I'm done! I don't even know
when I'll see him... oh well. Anyway gtg I'll probably
write later.


Height: 5'0
Weight: 114!!!
BMI: 22.5

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