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2002-01-13 00:14:45 (UTC)


FACT: We will never beat Warner Robins. I'm not sure what
the score ended up being, but we didn't win. Derek and
Jalone came to the game. SO.....I gave in and finally gave
Sipp(Jalone) my number. Every time I see him, he asks for
it. I kinda got tired of it, so I gave it to him. He is an
okay person to talk to....I guess. I feel like Kellen won't
be mad about it, but he is going to have something to say.
I know that silly boy and I know how he is going to make
something out of it. Crazy child! But anyway, my "flavor"
right now is Brian.(smiles) Oh my gosh, he can sing. Lawd,
I've never had a dude that could sing! Okay, we were in the
car(Jacan's car) going to Walmart and we were all singing
and acting crazy.....well, it got quiet and Brian was the
only one singing. He can blow. He was hitting all them
notes. My baby got the dark, chocolate skin, those adorable
dimples, he can sing....like Tyrese, and my baby is off the
chain in football. Awwww....he definitely makes me smile!
When we were at the dorms chillin, he was just looking at
me smiling. When he does that, all I can do is look at him
and smile back. I feel like he likes me......a lot. I'm not
all the way sure though. Me and Jacan are suppose to be
doing something with Brain and Torrie Wednesday. I want to
go to Macon. I need to go buy a new phone. But anyway,
other than school, work, and now Brian....not too much of
anything has been going on. Oh yeah, my hickie is gone.
Yesss!!!! I respect Brian for not being mad at me about
that because if the shoe was on the other foot....I would
have been pissed. He told me that he can't change what
happened, although he wants to....but because he knows that
my feelings aren't with the person who did it, then he can
just hope that when and if me and him maybe establish "us"
then it won't happen. He was very mature about it. If me
and him do have something, then I think it will be that
next level kind of thing. I'm glad he went to Atlanta this
weekend because if he would have stayed here, then I would
be spending too much time with him. I don't want it to get
to where we are together every single free moment. That's
how I normally get sick of people. So this is best. But
believe I will ask him to stay the weekend coming up! Gotta

Pieces of me, *MS. JLYN*

~I sorta miss Leroy. I'm not trying to think too far into
the future, but the kind of thing I have with Brian, I've
never had with anyone else that I've met....other than
Leroy. I shouldn't be afraid of someone else taking that
place in my heart, but in some ways....I don't want it to
happen. It sounds stupid, but it's how I feel about it. But
I guess I'm looking too far into things....I could wake up
tomorrow and not give a damn about Brian.....who knows!~