Lacey's Journal
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2002-01-13 00:02:37 (UTC)

First Entry

I've decided to keep this journal and my real written one.
Since this is my first entry I thought I'd do this thing I
copied from Michelle.

My Idea Of HELL:
*On the CD player: Pop music.
*On the radio: see above
*On the TV: Survivor
*On the VCR: Little Nicky
*Your spouse/partner: Osama bin Laden
*Your dinner: Meatloaf
*Your clothes:A shirt that says "foxy" or "sexy" or "69"
sparkely pants, lots of makeup.
*Your hair: no hair
*Your library: Teen magazines.
*Your dwelling: A house with garbage around it and in it
and falling apart.
*Your neighborhood: a neighborhood full of loud teenagers
who like to listen to loud hip-hop music
*Your job: working at a fast food place or grocery store.
*Having a conversation with: my classmates

My Idea of Heaven
*On the CD player: The Beatles/The Smiths/Bob Dylan/Bee
Gees/Greatful Dead/The Doors...ect.
*On the radio: REM
*On the TV: Kids In The Hall
*On the VCR: M*A*S*H
*Your spouse/partner: no comment.
*Your dinner: That cool rice that comes in packages, corn
on the cob, and spicy chicken wing.
*Your clothes: the same jeans I've been wearing for two
years, my long black sweater, beatles t-shrit or my tye-dye
t-shirt, black boots, my necklace I bought at Niagara
Falls, and my new watch.
*Your hair: back to it's original colour.
*Your library: Jack Keuroac, J.R.R Tolkien, Lewis Carroll,
Allen Ginsberg
*Your dwelling: That house Megan and her family used to
live in? or still do? it's been ages since I've been there.
*Your neighborhood: The on I live in now.
*Your job: Musician or poet
*Having a conversation with: Allen Ginsberg, Bob Dylan,
George Harrison...creative people like that.

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