2002-01-12 23:36:18 (UTC)

How Funny...

You have just entered room "strAwbErryshOrtcAkE."
dArLingx334: hey hey!
MoNxAngel: ello...
xhey yOu6x: it cant fit "strawberry short cake girls
xhey yOu6x: "
MoNxAngel: gotcha
xhey yOu6x: so i put just strawberry shorcake
dArLingx334: haha
MoNxAngel: :-D
dArLingx334: theres not allowed to be spaces?
MoNxAngel: ??
xhey yOu6x: i dont know
MoNxAngel: A few night ago, I had the most scariest
dream...It takes place in my house, at night and my house
was bigger though..
xhey yOu6x: are u guys talkin to daniel
xhey yOu6x: really?
xhey yOu6x: what happened in your dream?
MoNxAngel: and a bunch of people (weird people who are like
in their 20's) were there and freddie prinze jr. and sarah
michelle galler was there...
xhey yOu6x: Ahhh!!
dArLingx334: haha
xhey yOu6x: freddie :-)
dArLingx334: what happened?
MoNxAngel: and me, sarah michelle, and freddie were hiding
around the house because those weird people were zombies..
dArLingx334: AHHHHHH!!
dArLingx334: thats scary!
MoNxAngel: and finally, one of the zombies found us in the
garage and we split up and ran around the house... then we
met at the stairs and all the zombies wre upstair in the
xhey yOu6x: haah
xhey yOu6x: did they get you?
dArLingx334: =-O
dArLingx334: somethine amazing just happened!! I BURPED!!!
dArLingx334: now back to monica's dream..
MoNxAngel: and then one zombie ran out and push freddie
down the stairs!! and then the zombie went back in the room
and when freddie got back to us, he was a zombie too and he
pushed sarah up the stair and then he chased me down the
dArLingx334: haha
xhey yOu6x: haha
dArLingx334: its funny when some one chases someone..if you
think of it in a funny way
xhey yOu6x: and you became a zombie too?
MoNxAngel: then he disappeared and I ran out of the house..
I sat in front of the door, holding my new pair of shoes
(the sketcher one) and then I heard a moaning sound from
the neighbors house..
dArLingx334: ahhhh
MoNxAngel: and then a guy with a giant pumpkin on his head
was a zombie too and he began walking (like those zobies in
the cartoon) to my house so I ran back in then i met
someone at the door
xhey yOu6x: haha
xhey yOu6x has left the room.
dArLingx334: is that the end?
MoNxAngel: it was this blonde lasy with a green tinted face
and her eyes were BULDGING!! and then she took her face off
and I ran away from her
xhey yOu6x has entered the room.
xhey yOu6x: surry bout that
dArLingx334: you better be
dArLingx334: haha
dArLingx334: jk
dArLingx334: eeeeeewwwwwwww1!!! her eyes were buldging!!!
and she took her face off!!
MoNxAngel: then i tried to hide under the computer desk and
then she found me and she shoved her skin/face at me and I
woke up
xhey yOu6x: (misha your mom just called my house.. she was
asking for my mom.. but my mom isnt home.. she was prolly
gonna ask about that thing because OB YOU! hahah j/m)
MoNxAngel: it was so scurry
xhey yOu6x: ahh!
dArLingx334: that was scary!!!
dArLingx334: (haha!!)


that was my dream...
well.. g2g.. BYE!!

MoNmOn (who had the scariest dream ever...)

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