AngeL w/o WinGs

-=-My So Called Life-=-
2002-01-12 23:19:17 (UTC)


Hmm....a pretty relaxing day all in all.

i will talk about friends right now.

ok...youve heard enough about joe mauer, but let's get into
joe neglia. ok, well at the beginning of freshmen year, i
liked matt....but then i heard a rumor matt liked these 2
other girls and i got disappointed, and matt sorta
indirectly introduced me to joe. and me n joe talked n
stuff, and i thought i might like him. i told some people,
only to soon find out jennie yiu and jessica cooper also
liked him. and they were two of my friends. so anyways i
asked jess to find out wut was up w/ that n she said he
liked her, n jennie second, and me third. and i got
insulted, but not too sad, and soon after me n matt worked
thru our problems and bam...we were together. but later on
i found out jessica had made that all up and he actually
HAD liked me all along(i had guessed that too). but
anyways, i was with matt and marisa towards the end of my
relationship w/ matt started getting feelings for joe, my
ex crush..almost boyfriend. i told her to go for it. she
did, it didnt work, they broke big drama or big
deal. then.....more bfs came n went on my part, and then
towards the end of july/august, i started talking to joe
again. and i started liking him again. so....joe liked me
and we saw eachother at a party in august, and he kissed
me....but i didnt really feel anything in the kiss. and
so....i started playing it cold and telling him i didnt
want a relationship...but maybe wen school started. so
school started and he had waited awhile and then marisa
started liking him again, so of course not wanting to ruin
this 4 her, i told my best friend i had no feelings for him
whatsoever. but he told me that he liked me...and not her,
but then he asked her out and that pissed me off, just that
he lied n stuff. so she broke up w/ him shortly after, and
i still wasnt speaking to him or didnt recognize him as a
human being. until sort of recently, and i thought he'd
forgotten all about me n him...but apparently he didnt, and
he is asking if we will eventually go out. and i think we
will, like next year or sumthin. who knows.

ok....i'll write some more on other various people soon. bye