2002-01-12 23:03:07 (UTC)

January 12, 2002

Alittle more insight about myself.

I don't enjoy or bring up my childhood, I was what you
called back then a geek or a mums girl, I cried about
everything and anyone I was the girl who smelled like pee,
and everyone picked on me.

No body was my friend I realy don't have any great memories
of my pass. I was bullyed around by both girls and boys I
had many crashes on the boys growing up but they would have
never given me the time or day. I was the girl who looked
and walked like a guy, they called me gay, they laughed at
me and they called me stupid. wasn't very nice to hear trust

In grade four these strange people came to me and told me
that I was not capable of learning that I needed special
education to just pass classes and grades. They told my
mother that I was never going to go to collage or university
, maybe not even high school i would gradute. Nice ahh!

I hated my younger years they were bad and it hurts to
remember. My parents never let me go anywhere so I never
learned how to skate, swim, wear nice clothes. My first time
ever at the movies was about the age of 18, shopping I had
to take my mother and dating was all hidden.

But all I have to say is that it was worth everything I went
throught to laugh at them now I graduated High school, went
to collage and University, working for one of Canada's
largest Corporations, and looking pretty dame good. I don't
smell like pee anymore and when I was 19 I started modelling
not that I contuined it but it is something that the popular
girls back in the day never had.

I feel pretty good about what I have!