What is it about life?
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2002-01-12 22:40:24 (UTC)

I am bored...

THIS is why i have written 3 entries in one day.
Boredome. And i am procrastinating the amount of homework
i have until tomorrow. And i have a grace period in
English. YAY!!
So, homework can nonexistant for a while. At the
moment i am contemplating going for a walk, and hiking the
mountain behind my house. The one with lots of trees, and
stuff. I think that maybe i should go out there and do
some faery magick or something. But i don't know yet.
My poor big sis is sick too. Only she is worse. She had
her wisdom teeth taken out, and she's been throwing up all
You know how sometimes you feel so helpless? Like you want
to do something, but you CAN'T? I don't have the energy to
even do a spell. I'm sick too, and my stomach feels like
someone just punched the hell out of it.
And i'm thinking of going for a WALK?? Wouldn't that make
it WORSE? Hey, oh well. I need to get outta here.
Maybe i should just go hit my punching bag for a while. I
know that i look terrible today and shouldn't even go
outside. Okay, so my skin is normally the color of ivory.
REALLY pale. Well, when i get sick, i more or less look
like the ghost of a freaking shrew. Complete with fiercely
burning green eyes (due to the fact that my skin is pale,
my eyes GLOW, and when i get mad, they glow FIERCELY), and
pale LIPS (if you can imagine. I am currently trying to
put color into them, and my cheeks). My hands feel FROZEN,
and i can barely type, but i'm BORED.
And all i am doing currently is typing this and listening
to my Linkin Park CD over, and over, and over again (LOVE
this CD).
I would love to get up and dance, or fight or something,
but, like i said, my stomach hurts. And walking will make
it hurt more, but (lalalalalalaaaaa) i'm BORED.
Okay, let me i had a record of 150 e-mails (all
of which, i answered), and now, my e-mail is SLOW. What is
WITH that???
Anyway, i better stop writing before i start...singing...or