LeaMarie Roquet

Priestess Of Fire
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2002-01-12 22:34:22 (UTC)

Not far!

Life is so not far. I can almost garentee that this will
come up again some time. You see, my Dad wants to take Mom
to Mexico for a week. Well Mom doesn't really want to go
and leave me here alone with grandma. Then Dad decided that
its' to exspenive so they're going to go to Las Vegas. I
don't want to have to be here with her. The old bat is one
of the few people I wish would keel over. She won't I can
just see it now. She'll be living long after I'm gone.
She'll have been immortal and live for thousands of years
and no one will want her so every one will move across the
country but the goverment will track them down and send her
out to live with the so they'll all take flying leaps off
of buildings and try to kill themselves but some how
they'll be immortail too and will get stuck with her for
the rest of eternaty... *takes deep breath.* ok, I feel
better now. C-ya!

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