What is it about life?
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2002-01-12 22:07:38 (UTC)

Ugh...I am disgusted

Okay, so today i did some reading, and i found out that in
Nevada they are putting in a nuclear waste dump DESPITE
What kind of crap is that? Is that RIGHT??!! No. I mean,
Why would we even need to clear out the home of millions of
animals for that CRAP??!!
This is my opinion when it comes to building houses as
well. Granted they are a place for us to live. Yeah, but
they are building houses behind my house. Now, behind my
house is a HUGE field. It is the homes of hundreds of
snakes, rabbits, ect. Anyway, so they are CLEARING ALL OF
THAT OUT because they want to build more homes. Now,
listen to this people, they are also clearing out a field
not even two minutes from my house, to, guess what??!! PUT
IN MORE HOUSES. Honestly, we have enough of them don't
Pretty soon we are going to hear things like: "Oh, we're
just going to clear out this national park because we need
new homes."
Oh, for Goddess sake!! TO be honest, people ruined enough
of this earth as we could, and now they want to ruin more
to make space for PEOPLE.
And, what about animals? Are humans just so important that
they forget about ANIMALS. Who share the earth ALONG with
us? Yeah, i'm sort of getting that vibe.