Realizations of a 24yr old convict
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2001-04-14 11:10:48 (UTC)

letter to anyone early june 00

Whats up baby girl?
Wow i need you here tonight any of you, you soul saving
girls you wonderful creatures. Who restore my faith in the
human race. I need you bad cause Im dying here tonight I
mean it. Nothing bad has happened fuck tonight Ill even be
able to sleep w/o wearing boots cause shits mellow with us.
But I need some hope here tonight some love someone to
cuddle someone who i know really belives in good.
The worlds just sick and i see to many wrecks waiting to
happen to many oppertunitys lost. I dont wanna kill myself
just 90% of the world.
I know sara beths gonna fuck off school and shes gonna
regret it like every other girly i know who did. And most
of the homboys aint got much of a future when they get out.
And some really good dudes. better than all those losers on
the street. Those good dudes their never going home.
I know right now out there girls are about to suffer events
which will forever scar them and drug lords and drugs are
crippling familys whifes,sons, daughters,mothers are
feeling the pain as I pen this. Poeple are doing things
they,ll regret for the rest of their lifes while others are
doing things theyll never regret but someone else will
never forget.
Im feeling almost at that content melancholy state Ive
talked about before.I miss you girls Im going to try to
sleep now in the hopes Ill gaze into those eyes in my
dreams and when i wake thing will seem better.