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2002-01-12 21:49:58 (UTC)

First entry

Woo hoo! First ever entry here! Okay...hmm...i dunno what
to write here.
Okay, Let me see what i should say about me and people i
Yeppers. Thats me. Witch Aurora. And i am sick today. I
wanna cry!! *chuckles* Okay, so i don't. But i have a
major stomach ache, and i need to do...something to cure
it. I don't feel like practicing magick, so maybe some
herbal tea. Yeah! Or maybe...Brisk Iced Tea!! Why, WHy,
WHY do i have an OBSESSION with that crap? It is bad for
you, but i love it!
And yesterday i was so PUMPED! Okay, so, yesterday was a
Friday, i was also very bitchy.
Let me see...oooh! Thursday night there was this Boxing
open house, and let me tell you, boxing in front of 50
people is NOT fun. I think i acidentally bit my lip.
But Friday, i went to school with those glorious bruises on
my jawline, and those really bad cramps on my stomach, and
i got dismissed from P.E. Woo hoo!!!
Ah, but i got my awesome boxing tee-shirt, and i won the
match (um...barely, but i still won. GLORY!!!!).
But, and crapola, crapola, crapola!! I was talking to
Amanda and Natasha at P.E. (Not by choice i assure you.
They would not leave me alone).
Them, of course, bieng them, asked, "So, Lizzie, who is it
that you have a crush on?"
I sooo wanted to run away, but um...pain! So i
answered, "Nope, no one at this school." Not a lie. Okay,
okay, so i totally dig this guy named Matt. He is actually
reall cute, but VERY quiet, and VERY shy. But that is,
more or less, the type i'm interested in.
But they didn't LEAVE! "Oh, come on! You have to like
I felt my eyes narrow like they usually do when i get
annoyed. "Seriously. I don't like anyone."
Then Natasha said something that made me feel like laying
down, shutting my eyes extremely tight and counting 100
sheep out of boredom.
"Well, i would have thought you would like David. I mean,
you guys always hug and everything. And Amanda heard that
he likes me, you, and her. I honestly think that you and
him would be a good couple."
When, WHen, WHEN does she shut up when she gets started. I
soooo didn't like David. David is one of my best friends,
and even now i keep him at arms length because i am a
Anyway, so i felt like taking off my damn combat boot and
throwing it in her smiling face because i knew that she
knew that i was embarrased.
So, i covered everything up, and smirked. "Well, that's
David's business, don't you think? So why don't you ge the
hell outta my way, and stop sticking your ass into my
business, and his?"
Yes, that was mean!! But it was Friday. I was tired, and
in pain, and they just pissed me off.

Late on that night, when i went to boxing, i was hitting my
coach (him of course having all the padding on), and coach
is always trying to get me mad. He always tells me "You
know, sometimes i'm going to press the trigger to your rage
mechanism and see what happens. You have a hard punch, but
i bet it would be worse if you were mad."
I don't get mad easily. Seriously. I mean, i know you
think that from what i said to Natasha that i am a serious,
mad, psycho bitch. But i am NOT. I mean, when i am
standing there, with my fists protecting my chin and jaw,
and those huge gloves on my hand, i feel like laughing.
And Coach Greg knows that because i always laugh after i
punch him (yes, unstoppable habit).
Yeah, but Yesterday, when he put on those pads, i had my
gloves on ready to punch him, and he said, "Comination: 1/2
punch, left hook, uppercut. How was your day?"
So i started the combination saying (and i knew that i was
babbling because i was totally pissed off), "Okay, let me
see coach, um...first period: I had a Spanish test. This
was the third Spanish test in a row. I got an A on one
side, and a B on the other. Yes that was good. Yay for
me. What wasn't good is the fact that i am going to have
to write those words that i missed--which wasn't a lot, but
i still missed some--five times each. Second period--Well,
nothing happened. I was stuck listening to my teacher talk
about the significance of chapter 6 in the book, and
everytime i asked a question, she would yell at me and tell
me to raise my hand, and yet when someone else spoke, she
decided to be nice to them. Why does she hate me? I have
no idea. Third Period--well, that wasn't so bad. At least
i got to watch a movie, and didn't have to do anything.
Fourth Period: Having to listen to people butt into my
life, and my best friends life isn't FUN coach. Having to
listen to people who have no life isn't FUN either. Fifth
period: Yeah, i had to do this incredebly wonderful lab on
colors and pigments. Yeah, i did a terrific job. Drew and
wrote everything. But my class is LOUD. They refuse to
SHUT UP. So, when i turned my lab in, my teacher chose
that time to say, 'And if there is one thing wrong on your
paper, then you get a zero. Gee, nice huh? Then i move
to sixth period. Which, besides, Spanish, is my favorite
class. Well, i had to report to the class Chapter 8 of
Lord of the Flies. Everything was done. But i wasn't the
first to speak, unfortunately. This girl named Marylin
was. She decided to read, word for word, the chapter
summary. That gave us an entire five minute lecture from
my teacher and points essentially got taken off. I, and
the other person in the group--who, if i didn't HAVE in the
group, i would have failed because Maralyn is SUCH a ditz--
i would have failed the presentation. So, coach, my
homework for this weekend is to write each vocabulay word
that i missed in Spanish five times each, study for a test
in Math on Monday and create a page of notes, write an 18
page journal in English and a 4 page journal to go with
THAT, and then, it is back to school on Monday with a full
five days of learning."
Okay, very long amount of words, but once i get crap
bottled up, and i am punching someone, it is hard not to
say anything. And i wasn't even tired of punching coach,
but i knew that i must have been hitting his gloved hands
hard because he kept shaking it, and i knew that i must
have been hitting the padding on his body hard because he
kept backing up a few steps.
Anyway, so after i was done "letting out my anger", i took
of my boxing gloves and handwraps, and coach said to
me, "Well, i think we found where you anger is."

Whoa...and i think that was probably the most i had ever
actually said about school to someone in five minutes.
When i got home, i went to bed at 8:00, mind you, and slept
until 10:00 in the morning.

That leads to today. I am sick, and i need some herbal
tea, and chicken noodle soup. Yay me.