2002-01-12 21:49:52 (UTC)


Damn I'm bored. not having anything to do really sucks. I
mean, I guess I could do shit like video games or whatnot
but it's just not fun anymore. and it sucks that i'm
trying to save money cuz my bitch ass car is trippin out.
damn. gotta go in tomorrow to have it checked out. i
wonder how people that lived before us handled boredom. I
guess they didn't have to really deal with it cuz they were
busy trying not to starve and shit. i've been thinking
alot about how i want to expand my horizons and stuff.
taking up a guitar or writing poetry. maybe picking up
another sport. my good friend's coming back from OSU later
today so i'll probably just chill over at his house. i'm
thinking of callin this one chick up to see if she wants to
catch a movie or something. well, i'm hungry so i'm gonna
go make some food.