Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2001-04-14 10:37:47 (UTC)

Who do you represent? june 00

So heres why i gotta make it.
In here we represent all day I represent my race
my car(where Im from) I represent for the youngsters
you represent so youve got a place on the yard so when
other woods show up theyll have a place so when your little
brothers and people from you county show no ones gonna take
their canteen(store) or shoes or what have you so when they
get there their safe cause people know oh hes with them,
and those mother fuckers are savages.
So i started thinking about who else i represent when i
get out its a whole new game cause out there i dont just
represent myself I represent my family and that beautiful
baby. I represent for every good dude in here whos doing
life and knows he fucked up but will never have a chance to
prove it. I represent every X-con and i gotta act right to
prove people can change and its worth showing a little love
to X-fellons cause most of us are salvagable meterial.
It sounds like a lot but alls i gotta do is act right
and Im doing all of those people right and making
everything a little better.

So anyways big james leaves tomarro. Fuck i cant even
comprehend actully getting up and going home going to dennys
or someplace thats so fucking insane I really cant imagine
having somone to hold at night.

I usally dont say going home I say going where the cars are
When people get here i say Dam bro you just came from where
the cars are.Strange I guess but going home wheres home
what the fuck is that shits changing Im changing when i get
back to where i came from it wont be the home i remeber.
This is my home, Its what i know, where Im comfortable, its
what im used to, where my homeboys are,This is my home.