Journey to Me
2002-01-12 21:03:49 (UTC)

so i'm gonna write a book

ok, so i'm gonna write a book, i think it will be an
autobiography of my life and times, but not one of those
boring me me me books, one with a lot of humor and also
truth. i'm not starting today, however i have come up with
some ideas of a title and also chapter titles. so here
goes, you guys let me know what you think.

"momma was hippy and i'm her love child"

the whole fam damnly

i think she has dain bramage

i am a red headed step child

the girl called colorado

the PU girls


honk if you're bored and other road trips

what we like to call the lacross house

across the street

a town called faith

charlie brown and the little red headed girl

butterflies and lady bugs

you go here? must be a freshman then right?

do i smell like chlorine?

lamar at the bar and other england memories


ninja! danger!

rah rah rass, kick em in the ass

kwenchie, the hot dog with mustard

mustard and honey. the pfeiffer caf

i love boys boys boys boys boys

she hit me once and she hit me twice

mommy friend

grin a little

the bionic woman

love and loss and love again



merner girls

who needs sleep when you've got friends like these

berny williams and his bakery and auto shop

ah the golf team

apu's krispy chicken


ok, well i'm sure there will be much more to come, but you
guys let me know if you have any interesting ideas for
chapter titles. ok, talk to you later, and i'll keep you
updated on how all the writin is goin! thanks for your


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