Never Ending Rain
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2002-01-12 21:03:09 (UTC)

Cracks and Backs

"Don't step on a crack or you will fall and break your
mother's back!" I was walking in the mall yesterday(by
myself as usual). I heard some little girls giggling this
as they carefully stepped in between the cracks on that
typical mall tile. I smiled remembering myself playing that
game ever so carefully with my sister(who is now totally
screwed up but that is for another time). Really though you
have to carefully tread across most things to keep from
breaking some one elses back. Mandy(my sister) broke my
Mom's back. My Mom gets sick anytime she thinks about her.
My Dad broke my back he married this woman who I hate and
she hates me. Have I ever broke anyone's back? I began
carefully counting my steps to make a pattern not to step
on the cracks.