abby c

wow... that sucks
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2002-01-12 21:01:51 (UTC)

i just read some other girls..

i just read some other girls entree and she wrote a peom
that was like "i hate loving you i ahte needing why do you
need her i'm not jelaosu i just miss you everythign about
she doesn't appreciate your hugs and kisses, she doesn't
know how special it is to be in your arms" i dont remember
how it went but it was soemthign liek that

thats how i feel except that girl added in soemthing about
someother guy and that made me hate it

some other guy, soemother guy... how stupid
i was thinking in study hall yesterday how aloen i really

i ahet my parents so much "God damn you for that" is what
my dad always sasy- oh good well juts God damn FUCKIN me
for everything, great

and my mom always says "oh abigail" almost disgusted at how
i am compared to her other beloved stuck up brown nosing
kids... i'm glad she isn't proud of me

fuck her, fcuk them both

i dont wnat to move.. i'd rather die than move

neevrmind that though, thats ntohign to talk about right now

you know, i think abotu the same thign differently
everytime i think about it

all the things i've wrote in here have changed and
everytime i go to read them again i always wnat to go into
edit and add thigns, or take them out

but i'm not goign to

i'm too inconsistent

she doesn't appreciate you the way i do.
not alot of people appreciate things the way i do.

i really do hate life, i dotn understand it and i knwo in
my heart i'll never grow up... if i make it, through all of
thsi stupid shit and actaully start to have fun it wont
even be fun becuase by then i'll be an adult and ahve to be

i dotn even care, nevermidn all of this i dont wnat to
think about it

i want my parents to get divorced, NOW
my father is awful, everything is worse when it has to do
with him

i'm in a down mood right now, i'm abotu to go to my
grandmothers birthday party oh yay...

if i die i dotn wnat anyone to read this, if i died i'd
delete this first

i have to go now, i hate this mood, i hate everything about

i feel very rejected right now

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