Reality Bites
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2002-01-12 20:38:38 (UTC)

The worst day in history...not really but it comes close

Ok so this week has been filled with just extreeme highs
and very extreeme lows...So I go back to school and
Alyssa's sick the whole time til Thursday which sucks...but
Jesse was being totally nice and completely flirty the
whole time, which was so good! Then Thursday comes and shit
is bugging Jes, and he was in a bad mood, so then Friday
comes and he doesnt like even look at me or anything and
then he is flirting with Rachael right in front of me and
it made me so sad, so I was like fuck this, I'm not doing
this guessing game anymore, Im so over this. So I just was
not nice to him all through Math and just blah in
general...then I went to Tims with Alyssa after school (Tim
and Alyss were in a fight, so it was wierd) and we went to
jes' game at 5 which he was totally terrible in and they
took him out the second half and didnt put him back in at
all, so he was in a bad mood...he stayed for Tim's game but
didnt even say hi to me or anything which pissed me off a i told Lucy to tell him that I wanted to talk to
him after the game...He I dont think wanted to, but he did,
so I apoligized to him and he said he didnt even notice me
being a bitch at all, and i was like...alright we're cool I guess..but then the night gets

At the game, we saw Dan-Tim's best friend from another
school and Tim doesnt like Dan being friends with his
friends cause i dunno why...i guess it makes him insecure
or something, but I saw him outside the game like deciding
whether or not to go in, so I yelled to him and told him to
come sit with us and so he did and that was fun! So after
the game, Dan wanted to hang out downtown with us and I was
like "yea yea yea!" and Tim was like, "I guess" whatever...
After the game Tim and alyss and I went downtown to play
pool with Mikey and Jason but when we met them-they didnt
want to, so we went to Jason's cause no parents were home.
I was like so not wanting to, cause this time I saw Jason,
he was very very very ugly...dude I dont know what happened
to him, but man -o-man, he wasnt cute in the least and he
kept trying to put moves on me and i kept shooting him, anyways, he was not fun and not my type so we
had them drop us off around 9 so that we could walk to
where we were meeting Alyss and my mom @ Starbucks without
them seeing Mikey and Jason cause my mom hates Mikey. So
yes it was a bad night...And we saw Dan right b4 we were
going to get into the car to go to Jasons and he was mad we
werent staying downtown.....I felt bad, but whatever.

I got in the car and my mom started bitching me out about
not having a jacket and I was like, I dont give a fuck
leave me alone...i didnt say anything at when we
got home at like 12, she knew something was wrong so she
didnt bitch anymore at me, i just through my purse down and
was like, "i'm taking a shower"

I got out of the shower and put some sweats and my cheer
shirt on and some condishner shit in my hair and went in my
room, turned on my diskman and just chilled and read Cosmo
for awhile til like 2. Then at 2, I was getting a little
tired so I was drifting off to sleep and I looked up and
realized my computer was still on, so I got up to turn it
off and saw a picture of Jeff, my sisters hot friend who
had been in Central America working for like 2 years on the
screen! It was an I-zone takin of him smiling in my kitchen
and I was like, "wait a second!" so I had just started to
put the 2 together when the front door closed and i was
like, " couldnt be..." next thing I knew there was
a knock at my door and in walks none other that Jeff! I was
so happy I almost cried, he's like an older brother to me,
it was so great! I jumped off my bed and like ran into this
hug that went on for about 5 minutes..I was like "Jeffy omg
I missed you so much how long are you home for" and he
said, "bad news kiddo-you're stuck with me for good" Then I it was so cute, and he told me how beautieful I
had become and it was really really great...he stayed and
we talked about my day and how much it sucked and his trip
and his EX-gf, and everything for like 2 hrs...his best
friend-my sisters other best friend is still down in
Central America working teaching english there @ a school
and he told me he's coming home in March...which I'm SO
happy about cause I love him just as a good ending
to a horrible day