Baby Story
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2002-01-12 20:18:39 (UTC)

15 wks 4 days

Job Update: I warned my boss that I was looking, because
no matter how mean it was of him to not keep me around, he
still took me in when I knew nothing in August. So I don't
really want to burn him. And I figure that God is working
his magic!!! I mean, maybe there is something else I
should be doing. Plus, I really should get a Full Time job
so that I can be more financially comfortable, and not
living day to day, like I am now. So I went to Manpower, a
temp agency, and they tested interviewed and hired me as a
temp. The very same day that gave me an offer!!! Yay! And
it is AMAZING. I have an interview to become a travel
agent at AAA travel in Albany, just a few minutes from
where I currently live. I would only work Monday thru
Friday from 9-5. And the catch is that this is a temp to
permanent position!!! So after 120 days, if all goes well
they will hire me as a permanent worker! AND!!! I will get
6-8 weeks of unpaid leave, but guaranteed a job when I
return! Very good news! So wish me luck on Monday!!!

Relationship Update: Nels and I are doing WONDERFUL. I
still cannot keep my eyes off of my gorgeous ring, or his
gorgeous face! hehe. Being that the playoffs for the NFL
start today, I suggested that we go out to watch them,
because I don't have cable. Soooo, We are going to
HOOTERS...hahahaha. Im meeting him there after work. Oh
what fun! Lol, can't wait.

Pregnancy Update: Things are moving along so quickly! I
can't believe that I only a few days from entering Lunar
Month Five! EEEK! Im almost half way there! Its so
exciting though. I have felt some definite movements which
are kinda fun. Im showing enough to notice, seems like I
grow more all the time, but Im still measuring in at 36
inches around (9 inches more than pre-preggo). I have a
docs appointment on Wednesday, when Ill hopefully be able
to hear the heartbeat.

Well, I think thats enough for now... haha. Hope everyone
has a WONDERFUL weekend! I am missing all my friends and
family a ton! Love you guys!