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2002-01-12 20:07:24 (UTC)

Everything About You...

I hate loving you.
I hate thinking about you.
I hate needing you.
I hate missing you.
I hate you loving her.
Love me.
Love me.
Love me.
Why her?
I’m not jealous.
I just miss you.
I hate it when you talk about her.
She doesn’t appreciate you.
She doesn’t appreciate your hugs
And your kisses.
She doesn’t love you like I love you.
No one will ever love you like I love you.
So why did it end?
Why did it end?
Why do I miss you now?
Why would I die for you?
Why would I give you the world if I knew how?
Why do I want to be around you all the time?
I’m not in love with you.
Not anymore.
I was.
I was at one point.
Now I’m in love with Jeff.
But I miss you.
I miss our crazy adventures.
I miss lying in your arms.
I miss the feeling of it all.
I miss you.
I miss the way you looked at me.
I miss everything.
Everything about you.

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