Realizations of a 24yr old convict
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2001-04-14 09:23:44 (UTC)

june 22 00

this was written in the penn.
much respect to all who read

I now have a better understanding of what a real man is
and that I want to be one.I know lifes not fair and that
youve got nothing comming.
I know real fear isnt of physical pian,and physical pain
isnt real pain.real pain is losing love,not fufilling
dreams,not being able to save people from themselfs.real
fear is what you feel when you think about little kids
Its crazy when i think about how cold i can be about myself
but could shed a tear over my boy jimi and how his
situation breaks my heart .Its stange how Ill never be able
to make anyone out there understand. I trip of this
everyday no one knows anything out there.They cant
understand,How could i make baby girl understand why Ill
cry at night while i hold her or when I do somthing i know
he always wanted to do Itll kill me inside.
Or how all these motherfuckers are just wasting life
when if you gave him a chance. He cut off his tatooing hand
for just one shot at life. And you wouldnt be able to stop
him hed run to the moon with any oppertunity
And these losers out there wanna bitch and moan like
little girls with skinned knees about everything.
I cant respect that.