If I Told U, Would U Hate Me
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2002-01-12 20:00:14 (UTC)


Everyday is an inspiration
Especially when it rains
It expresses fallen tears
And reminds me of my pain
It reminds me of truth
And reminds me that I’m strong
It reminds me of my past
And reminds me no decision is wrong
Every decision becomes a lesson
A lesson always well learned
At least that’s how I see it
Because I see how I’ve turned
I turned from someone completely lost
Who lived on being fake
Bt when I learned to be myself
It was pretty much too late
My life became a black hole
By myself with all the blame
I was lonely and deprived
Because I finally saw the shame
When I stopped pitying myself
And accepted the decisions I made
My life became so clear
And the sadness began to fade
I saw my second chance
But wouldn’t believe it was real
It was right there in front of my face
And all the emotions I could feel
But I kept putting it off
Like it didn’t really matter
Pushing it away more
While it was making me sadder
Till one day I sat myself down
And really started to think
The things I could have had then
Disappeared in just one wink
The guilt began to show
The pain written on my face
My whole existence that was there
Disappearing as such a fast pace
I remember the experiences
And everything before that I had
Just thinking what I lost
What I gave up makes me sad
The hurt deep I held deep within
The pain inside tearing me apart
As I sat back and watched
Piece by piece fell my broken ashamedheart
So I finally told myself
No more of this will I take
I’ve had so many hard times but not
Being happy was my own mistake
So from this day forth and
Each day that came after
I started over as the real me
And finally discovered laughter
I changed my whole life
Everything about it and in it
The people who truly accepted me
Showed me just where I fit
I don’t fit at all
I’m just me being me
Believe me when I say
What you get is what you see
My tattoos show my strength
My smile says I care
My writing shows my heart
My voice says ill be there
My ears show my trust
My eyes show my passion
My personality differs like
My daily changing fashion
That’s just me and
I’m very proud of who I am
I live my life my way
Instead of pulling scams
No longer and I sad
No longer and I scared
No longer do I feel the pain
Of disgrace that I once bared
I’m happy being me
Not having to be fake
This happiness I have found
For anything I wouldn’t trade
This is the real me
No longer am I blue
Like they say in the old days
“To thy own self be true”


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