a watercolour stain
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2002-01-12 18:47:23 (UTC)

hmm, let s see.... i talked to..

hmm, let's see.... i talked to don yesterday. the
conversation was mostly about sex. that and he told me
that i'm really uptight. he says i need to relax. do you
believe that one? i was shocked and kinda hurt to tell the
truth. we went grocery shopping and of course, had to get
in a stupid argument. i decided to make chicken noodle
soup. i was raving about how my gramma used to make the
most incredible noodles. i asked if either of his grammas
make homemade noodles. he was like my MOM makes homamade
noodles. i said well, i don't like your mom's noodles.
that's not really what i meant to say, so i corrected
myself and said that i just like my gramma's noodles
better. then he started going on about how his gramma is
italian and mine isn't. blah blah blah....i guess that was
supposed to mean she cooks better than my grandma or
something. i guess it doesn't matter that my grandma was a
cook almost her entire life. what a jerk. not much else
going on. i didn't get to sleep last night till after
4am. then i got up around 9 and stayed up till about 11.
then i went back to sleep until around 12:30. god i need
to get my sleep schedule straightened out. kelly is
selling girl scout cookies. *yum!* and i need to go take
that fucking test. isaac doesn't seem to care at all.
enough rambling for now i suppose. i have things to do.

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