thouhgts of Sam
2002-01-12 18:17:26 (UTC)

La La La....

Sorry for the shitty title but I dont know how else to
describe it. So I was eating some peanut butter m&m's and
at first they were so good but then they turned sour. Like
they didnt taste as good as they did when I first started
eating them. And it was kind of nasty I think they made my
stomach hurt a little bit I"m not sure but I know I have a
stomach cramp right now. But anyway, lastnight was fun
aum, katy, joselin, and I went hot tubbing. I think it was
much more fun than the last time we went at least for me
cause I didnt feel so odd being the only guy. I should
really learn to keep some shorts or something in the back
of my car. Cause everytime I get out of the hot tub my
underwear sticks to everything I have and that is kind of
embarrising for me. I mean I guess I dont know how to
handle that, there is nothing to hide me I mean usually you
cant see anything cause my underwear is kind of big and
then the water just kind of sucks it to me and you can even
see my litte behind. It is just kind of weird for me, I'm
not much of an exibitionist. (if it's not spelled right
sue me) but anyway I just feel so naked it's kind of weird
I dont really know why I am going off on that but I am and
did so I'm done and now it does really matter. Cause now I
know to keep some shorts or something in my trunk, but
anyway I think I am going to get off for now my hands are