Forgotten Misery
2002-01-12 18:16:50 (UTC)

Sorry no songs of yet today lol

Hm jerjer is gona go make pizza that sounds so good right
now im so hungrey lol. Well I get to shoping with the
rents today fun fun. Ok I got about 1 hour of sleep last
night cept in was in like 30 min inervals or something like
that. So I am still real worn down and I look like a
drugie I have the worst circles under my eyes and im really
pail ....Well anyways I had of the strangest dreams one
scared the hell out of me but was coo cause i like lost my
like short term memory. I was with jamie,corey, and jason.
and it was when i came in to visit we were bored me and
jamie were trashed big time jason and corey of course benig
guys werent really well jason was kinda. Well i was like
in my trashed ness lets go to steak and shake so we did
well we were all smoking like big attics then me and jason
went out side to smoke some weed lol and well me and jason
alone is a bad idea lol jason wants me so jamie like yo I
dont want andrea to have trashed sex tis not coo so corey
came out and was like ok u 2 no trahsed sex lol well since
i had no memory geoff and josh were in there lol dont ask
and i didnt have a clue who they where at all well we left
but for some ass reason g and josh were worried about me
cause i usually would never do anything like that cause i
had been smoking cigs weed and shoting stuff into my arm so
i passed out in the parking lot and g and josh took care of
me and sobered me up even though i was passed out for along
time and on and off that whole night well i woke up and was
pissed the hell off... talked to josh to figure what the
hell was up as g was asleep on the floor next to were i was
which i didnt care i was pissed plus I hated G with a
pasion in this dream and well andrea is not a happy person
after hitting shit hard. So some how corey and jamie
showed up as i was leaving and we got the hell out of there
end of dream.

2 dream of the night

Not sure y this person was in my dream cause I havent
talked to him in the longest time but ok out of now where
ryan pulls up into my driveway and i was getting ready to
leave and im like what the hell and he gets out and im like
ahh ryan and i like take off skipping towards him and he
like catches me and spins me around and im like y are u up
here and hes like im not sure i just was driving and next
thing i know im like im gona go find andrea so there he was
and then hes like oh oh and he gives me roses so we get in
his car after showing him my house and we go off drving and
im like do u know where u are going cuase i really dont
wanna get lost so then next thing i know we are in cincy
but now its his mom and dad drving his car and we are in
the back seat being the bigest goof balls and we are like
so close like i dont know everything was so diff it was so
great we both were real happy and his parents loved me
well always did well we get back to in then i was back home
in oh and it was my graduation day and like after i
graduated as a gift ryan and his family took me to hawaii
cause i always dreamed of going there and i met his
grandparents and all that well that night infront of his
family in some restuarnat he asked me to marry him and said
yes then we like got married after he got out of college in
hawaii and lived there it was real cool then i woke up and
was like what the hell where did that come from ryan wha no
no no no i was like thats it no more sleep with these wierd
ass dreams so i stayed in bed awake staring at my wall and
i decided it needs to be painted lol